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Had been gaining weight for last few years and reached at 86 Kg. Tried lots of option but was unable to control gain which was partly due to lifestyle/work and partly due to not knowing the exact maths behind weight loss. Was lucky to be in touch with Vaishalifrom and while she promised all natural ways of losing weight, weight loss started from day one. All I needed was to be disciplined and there was no looking back since then. Not only I lost weight but felt energetic like never before. And best part was I became a trend setter in office and home and with my drastic reduction, I was able to inspire at least 50 others to reduce weight and live healthy. Recommended to all!

I came to Simply Diet as a budding sportsman who was just 65 Kgs at 5’10” I needed to gain muscle mass and within 7 months, I not only gained 9-10 Kgs but I also landed a modeling contract. helped me with detailed diet plans and whenever I called them to understand why they have prescribed a particular food item or how to make a dish that was given, they were very prompt and very helpful in making sure I was guided properly and scientifically. They did not recommend any form of pills or steroids which a lot of people suggest. I am a very happy customer of their services and recommend them to everyone.


I weighed 112 Kgs when I first contacted and was gaining weight very fast due toThyroid. My fast weight gain was complicating my life further but dietitians from helped me get my life back in track. Weight loss started almost immediately and I lost 3 Kgs in the two weeks itself. As of now, I have conquered all diseases, I weight 73 Kilos and because of prolonged period of following their diet, eating healthy has become a part of my life. Thank you!

Who would marry a diabetic, gluten intolerant (Celiac Disease), Highly Obese boy with no stamina, I literally owe them my impending marriage, from 95 Kgs to 68 Kgs, from needing an elevator for one floor, to running my first half marathon, SimplyDiet changed my life, it changed my habits, informed me about celiac disease and how to control my diabetes, in short they set me up for life! I have recommended more than 10 of my friends and relatives and all of them have had wonderful, life changing experiences, who could think that so much depends on what you eat! I would say Simply Diet and be happy.


Success Stories

  • My son, age 25 had been putting on weight over the last 6 years and was abut 107 Kgs, we are a family of doctors, and he himself is also one so we were aware of the health risk of obesity but my son is a big foodie so was finding it difficult to lose weight. Then I took Vaishali’s help, she provided diet plans on a weekly basis which my son found easily to follow, once he started losing weight he became even more motivated. Vaishali was always very helpful and supportive. Now, 1 year later he weighs 79 kgs, his life has changed, he looks and feels so fit. I will be forever grateful to Vaishali
    Dr. Radha
  • I came to know about Vaishali’s diet consultancy services ( through my sister, my aim was to lose 15 kgs, I had a perfect physique 4 years back but the extra weight made me feel uncomfortable with my body the clothes I would buy did not suit me, I was also suffering with my health and would often have to go hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and borderline diabetic symptoms made me more lethargic and uncompetitive, this feeling of disliking of my body further provoked me to think on my health. Initially I did not believe that I would lose weight but my wide convinced me to try for a month atleast, since I had not followed any diet plan earlier, it was difficult for me to follow a disciplined diet. The results were very very fast and apparent, just within a week I lost 3 kgs, it gave me confidence and strength to continue. Gradually I became self-motivated and even my colleagues started noticing me that I am certainly following something.
    Saurabh V.
  • It was not easy to lose 25 Kgs. in four months but Vaishali from made it so easy with so many varieties/variations of lip smacking delicious but highly nutritious meals which kept me satiated for long, even with my erratic working hours. I never felt the need to binge as the resolve became stronger, also the next morning sending the weight ritual was a natural check for me. I am now enjoying a fine life after losing weight under the guidance of Vaishali. The methodology of daily diet chart along with regular follow up of weight, probably stuck with me and became my habit or a daily ritual, a ritual so good that even after six months I am still  able to maintain my weight loss on my own.
    Vishal K.
  • Fitness has become the new mantra today and with the hustle bustle of our busy lives it becomes all the more imperative for us to be healthy and feel good about ourselves. too had a magic wand that transformed me internally and externally. A healthy mind rests in a healthy body and its very important to the eat right food at the right time and in the right quantity ... all thanks to Vaishali for teaching me this .. and these learnings are sure to go a long way ... !
    Rishika V.
  • I was diagnosed with hypercholesterol, hypertension and was on medication for thyroid from past 4 years. I joined dietitian Vaishali with the reference of my friend. After continuing the diet for 2 months. My reports showed positive results and now I am following a healthy diet regime that she suggested me.  Thanks for changing my life dietitian Vaishali
    Mr Raghuvir S.
  • My weight had been a real confidence killer and I couldn’t really stand amongst people but with your help, I didn’t only lose weight but also got close to my desired body goals, thank you so much.
    Manan K.
  • All my efforts to lose weight had failed, until I was introduced to, I got a diet regime which suited me very well, Vaishali was supportive, guiding, encouraging throughout and finally I got my confidence back and I was back in shape in no time, and still continue to be
  • Incredible! I have started following the daily diet schedule suggested by and I am surprised to lose 3 Kgs in the first 5 days, Vaishali suggests highly calculated diet to follow for de-toxification. A trust worthy and dependable dietitian indeed.
  • Dietitian Vaishali has helped me reduce my weight in a very quick span of time.  The daily diet chart she provides is really effective.
  • Vaishali is one of the best and hardworking dietitian with complete knowledge required to stay fit, love the way she treats her patients
    Shikha Singh

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