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Weight Loss

Overall Wellness Coaching

  • Our diet is based on calorie count. It is nutritionally adequate and appropriate for weight loss.
  • Before planning the diet we consider a few things like age, height, weight, lifestyle, medical conditions and other things that help us to plan a customised diet plan
  • Our diet is based on scientifically proven methods that help in healthy weight loss, it also leads to behavioural change, which helps our clients to maintain the reduced weight even after they stop following diet under our guidance.
  • We monitor our clients weight daily which helps us to track weight loss and keeps the clients motivated to follow the plan.
  • Expected Progress timeline: We target around 3-4 kgs weight loss in a month, by only following our recommended diet and by including minimum physical exercise.

Weight Gain

Gaining weight is difficult than losing weight

  • Gaining weight is difficult than losing weight. There can be many reasons that may not favour your weight gain. The key to weight gain is balanced diet. We plan the diet only after considering all the medical conditions of the person. We do not recommend any supplement to gain mass, we aim to attain ideal body weight by recommending right food at right time and by planning frequent small calorie dense food that help to gain weight.
  • This programme focusses on weight gain in children and adults. It fulfills all macro and micro nutrient requirements.
  • Gaining Health along with weight and increasing immunity against diseases is our ultimate aim with this form of diet.
  • Before planning the diet it is important to know whether you are actually underweight or not, for this we consider BMI, If a person have BMI less than 18.5, then he/she is considered underweight.
  • For gaining weight it is important to have calorie denser diet.
  • There can be several reasons that doesnot let us gain weight like eating disorder, thyroid, diabetes etc.
  • Expected Progress timeline: We expect around 3-4 kgs weight gain in a month.

Diabetic Diet

Depends on medical conditions

  • Diabetic diet means eating healthy diet in appropriate amount and at appropriate timings, that will help you manage blood glucose levels.
  • It is important to manage weight, blood sugar level and other health risks at the same time
  • Before beginning the diet we collect all neccasary details/reports required for us to assess your medical condition since diabetes is very different for everyone who suffers from it and it behaves differently at different stages of life.
  • We keep a strict check on intake of the amount of calories and the requirement of the body in accordance with the condition. We keep a daily check on your progress and suggest each client to maintain a food diary and track blood sugar level and weight accordingly.
  • Expected Progress timeline: Depends on medical conditions

Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy diet is planned according to the trimester

  • Pregnancy diet is planned according to the trimester in which the client is in as the needs of micro and macro nutirents changes in every trimester
  • For pregnancy diet it is important to include food from all the food groups to promote healthy growth and development of the baby and support good health of the mother.
  • Good amounts of lean protein has to be included in every meal to support the babies growth
  • We provide healthy vegetarian options for the required protein and nutrient intake along with recepies and personailsed guidance of cooking if required
  • We provide immediate customization of diet if the client is suffering from nausea, vomiting and other common discomfort

Diet for Children

We advice mothers to plan a healthy and creative diet

  • Childhood obesity is a growing problem and is difficult to counter since recognizing the gap between chubbiness and obesity is hard however it is very important to control it on time else it may lead to chronic health issues in later life.
  • We plan specific diets for the growing needs of children since they have different nutritiononal needs than those of adults hence having the same meals as their parents is not enough
  • We advice mothers to plan a healthy and creative diet for their children so that they get a nutritionally balanced diet and do not feel the need to binge on junk food
  • While planning the diet for children we consider their nutritive needs, prefrences, allergies, appearance and the time available with the meal planner.

Pre-Wedding Diet

Pre-Wedding diet is aimed at helping brides-to- be look

  • Pre-Wedding diet is aimed at helping brides-to- be look their best for their wedding day. We provide a nutritive diet which helps them get into shape with shinier, thicker hair and glowing skin.
  • We deal with our bridal clients with utmost care and personalization, whether they need weight loss, customized diet plans, recepies for creative additions to their diets or anything related to dieting.
  • In the lead up to the big event stress can effect the hormonal balance leading to pimple breakouts, rashes and even overly oily or dry skin we design our diet in order to prevent these from happening.

Sports Diet

Sports nutrition is a very strong aspect of our services

  • Sports nutrition is a very strong aspect of our services as we have dedicated sports nutritionist working with us who have catered to the nutritive needs of sportsmen in the current junior cricket team.
  • For sports diet we need to provide the body with enough energy (kilojoules) to meet the demand of training and enable proper recovery between exercise sessions. Training or match days require an increased dosage of energy filled foods depending on the intensity of the activity.
  • We provide customized diet plans for sportsmen and body builders to aid their choice of training intensity and factor in the suppliments suggested to them by their trainers, we do not recommend hard suppliments ourselves as every requirement of the body can be obtained thru diet
  • We plan the diet according to the individual’s training needs, it includes both food and hydration
  • We asses their training diet and their lifestyle, their day today habits, their intake of suppliments and medication if any
  • While planning the diet we focus in increasing their energy levels, promote good health, help manage weight, improve concentration, develop body composition and growth and enhance recovery

Diet for disease and Nutritional deficiencies

We plan our diet for people suffering from any disease

  • With extensive experience working in hospitals our dietitians are fully capable of dealing with the diet requirements of any disease
  • We plan our diet for people suffering from any disease like cancer, kidney function disorder, liver function disorder, diet for gastro-intestinal disorders etc. All these disease require special attention through diet
  • We plan customized diet for various nutritional deficiencies that can be improved by making few dietary and cooking modifications
  • We help our clients understand the reason behind specific nutritional deficiencies or disease and help them manage their diets to solve the problem


  • “Not only is Lisa an amazing cook/nutritionist with great ideas who I learned SO much from, but my one-on-one meetings with her where we would just ‘chat over tea’ were most inspirational.  I always left with a sense of confidence that I could do, or cook, anything!”
  • “I really like that it wasn’t about telling me what I should or had to do or when or how to do it, but more about providing all kinds of information to help me make the best decisions for me”
  • My son, age 25 had been putting on weight over the last 6 years and was abut 107 Kgs, we are a family of doctors, and he himself is also one so we were aware of the health risk of obesity but my son is a big foodie so was finding it difficult to lose weight. Then I took Vaishali’s help, she provided diet plans on a weekly basis which my son found easily to follow, once he started losing weight he became even more motivated. Vaishali was always very helpful and supportive. Now, 1 year later he weighs 79 kgs, his life has changed, he looks and feels so fit. I will be forever grateful to Vaishali
    Dr. Radha
  • I came to know about Vaishali’s diet consultancy services ( through my sister, my aim was to lose 15 kgs, I had a perfect physique 4 years back but the extra weight made me feel uncomfortable with my body the clothes I would buy did not suit me, I was also suffering with my health and would often have to go hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and borderline diabetic symptoms made me more lethargic and uncompetitive, this feeling of disliking of my body further provoked me to think on my health. Initially I did not believe that I would lose weight but my wide convinced me to try for a month atleast, since I had not followed any diet plan earlier, it was difficult for me to follow a disciplined diet. The results were very very fast and apparent, just within a week I lost 3 kgs, it gave me confidence and strength to continue. Gradually I became self-motivated and even my colleagues started noticing me that I am certainly following something.
    Saurabh V.
  • It was not easy to lose 25 Kgs. in four months but Vaishali from made it so easy with so many varieties/variations of lip smacking delicious but highly nutritious meals which kept me satiated for long, even with my erratic working hours. I never felt the need to binge as the resolve became stronger, also the next morning sending the weight ritual was a natural check for me. I am now enjoying a fine life after losing weight under the guidance of Vaishali. The methodology of daily diet chart along with regular follow up of weight, probably stuck with me and became my habit or a daily ritual, a ritual so good that even after six months I am still  able to maintain my weight loss on my own.
    Vishal K.
  • I have been working out for last 10 years and tried to follow healthy eating always but after for last few years no matter what I do or how much I exercised I wasn't able to lose weight. I never believed in starving myself so the word "diet" used to make me cringe. Later, I had some medical complications and my workout was also gravely affected. As a result, I was gaining too much weight too fast. Then enters Vaishali in my life. She was appointed as dietician for homeshop18, shopping channel's anchors. I was one of the anchors at the time there. Initially, I will be honest I was apprehensive about the whole dieting situation but meeting Vaishali really changed my point of view. In next 3 to 4 months I didn't only lose 8kg weight with practically no workout (as I wasn't medically not allowed to) but inch loss was even more incredible. In my field being yourself is as important as staying fit. She helped me achieve my personal goals of fitness. No for one day I felt I was starving myself. I have never eaten healthier and food rich in fiber. She is a great listener and can change diet plan as per your need and lifestyle. She changed the way I looked towards diets and dietician. In the end, I have earned a friend. Even though I don't work with homeshop18 now and am happily pregnant, a lot has changed for me except for one thing my dietician Vaishali. She is amazing.
  • Inspite of weighing a whopping 93.4 kilos, I was still procrastinating consulting a professional dietitian. I had this vacuous idea - why should I pay someone for keeping me hungry! But, I couldn’t keep myself from consulting Vaishali from, when I saw more than 3 or 4 colleagues in office undergoing a remarkable weight loss in a matter of few months who followed her diet plan. Finally, I took the plunge on 21 Dec’16 still worrying about giving up all my favorite foods & the constant hunger I was going to experience. But, here comes the best part! Firstly, the diet plan suggested by Ms. Vaishali centered on the kind of food I ate almost regularly. Secondly, my presumptions were proved wrong when the diet plan didn’t leave me hungry at all as I had something to eat at regular intervals. Last but not the least, if I couldn’t stick to the diet plan on any given day & indulged in gluttony, Ms. Vaishali was flexible enough to change my diet plan for the forthcoming days, so that my steady weight loss was not hampered. I have touched 80.8 kilos now in a matter of 3 months which means a total weight loss of nearly 13 kilos. It would sound clichéd, but without a doubt the joy of seeing my pants becoming loose & fitting into my old clothes which I couldn’t wear earlier is an indescribable feeling. I have only Ms. Vaishali to thank for bringing this wonderful change in my life. Remember, the recipe for success involves just a little bit of discipline, a little bit of faith & Ms.Vaishali’s WhatsApp messages
  • Fitness has become the new mantra today and with the hustle bustle of our busy lives it becomes all the more imperative for us to be healthy and feel good about ourselves. too had a magic wand that transformed me internally and externally. A healthy mind rests in a healthy body and its very important to the eat right food at the right time and in the right quantity ... all thanks to Vaishali for teaching me this .. and these learnings are sure to go a long way ... !
    Rishika V.
  • I was diagnosed with hypercholesterol, hypertension and was on medication for thyroid from past 4 years. I joined dietitian Vaishali with the reference of my friend. After continuing the diet for 2 months. My reports showed positive results and now I am following a healthy diet regime that she suggested me.  Thanks for changing my life dietitian Vaishali
    Mr Raghuvir S.
  • My weight had been a real confidence killer and I couldn’t really stand amongst people but with your help, I didn’t only lose weight but also got close to my desired body goals, thank you so much.
    Manan K.
  • All my efforts to lose weight had failed, until I was introduced to, I got a diet regime which suited me very well, Vaishali was supportive, guiding, encouraging throughout and finally I got my confidence back and I was back in shape in no time, and still continue to be
  • Incredible! I have started following the daily diet schedule suggested by and I am surprised to lose 3 Kgs in the first 5 days, Vaishali suggests highly calculated diet to follow for de-toxification. A trust worthy and dependable dietitian indeed.
  • Dietitian Vaishali has helped me reduce my weight in a very quick span of time.  The daily diet chart she provides is really effective.
  • Vaishali is one of the best and hardworking dietitian with complete knowledge required to stay fit, love the way she treats her patients
    Shikha Singh