How To diet At Party?

Mussels and linguine in a spicy tomato broth are very flavorful.

Diet at party seems really dificult. when we go out in party we don’t think much while eating ,we have a habit of trying maximum food items available there.

when we carefully plan our diet,sometimes it happens that we have to go out to attend someone’s wedding,or birthday party or some family get together.At that time one thought pokes in our mind, to avoid dieting and eat all the tempting things.

But we can manage our diet even at party.Some tips that i follow while going out can be useful for you also:

  • Maximum times when i have to go out, i try to eat some fruits before leaving ,that fills little bit of my stomach.Fruits provide plenty of soluble dietary fiber, which helps to ward off cholesterol and fats from the body and to help in smooth bowel movements as well as offer relief from constipation ailments.
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  • When we enter parties we are served with beverages,that are high in calories.rather than picking these high calorie beverages, i prefer picking up some fruit juices like mix juices,or other fruit juices or sometimes i prefer drinking water or lemonade, just to avoid intake of empty calories.
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  • A party means  you will be tempted to taste all delicious snacks like chips,cutlets,cheese balls, etc.Here one thing we have to keep in mind is that we should not try each and every snack that is being served by the waiter.we will have to limit ourself. Most importantly we should pick only roasted and grilled food items.
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  • Before going for main course,i prefer drinking soup.This will again fill liitle bit of my stomach and will not let me eat extra in main course.
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  • Finally while going for main course,try to be little more attentive,fill maximum plate with salads and yogurt or with some steamed food items and sizzlers.try to take protein sources like grilled fish,dal,rather than carbohydrate sources.
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  • Try to avoid eating dessert,and if you can not resist then just eat very little amout of it. i.e. just for taste.
  • After coming back home drink a cup of herbal tea,or green tea or just a cup of lukewarm water,this will help in removing extra fat and will detoxify your body.
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follow these small tips to continue dieting even at party.

About Dt. Vaishali Gaur
After her Graduation in Nutrition and Post Graduation in  Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition from the prestigious Lady Irwin College, She worked in Max Balaji Hospital , Pushpanjali Hospital and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital.
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